Who do not need to file tax declaration in France 2022


It’s time to file your tax declaration. But there are taxpayers who do not need to do it. Let’s see who is so lucky!

In France each taxpayer receives a pre-filled tax return, which already indicates his income for last year (2021). This information is sent to the tax office by third-party organizations, such as:

  • employer,
  • social organizations (including Social services),
  • Employment Center,
  • pension funds,
  • financial institution.

In the case of the correct pre-filled data, it is enough just your “tacit” acceptance and therefore you do not need to file a income tax form. However, if the income data in this pre-filled declaration is incomplete, you need to make changes by correcting and/or completing them. And file an amended return.

Автор: Olga Rouzade – эксперт по организации финансов во Франции. Сопровождаю клиентов в финансовых вопросах, рассказываю о правах, гарантиях и предлагаю решения, адаптированные под личную ситуацию.

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